Myśl Polityczna. Political Thought nr 5(6)/2020

ISSN: 2658-2295
Rok wydania: 2020

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No. 5(6) includes:

In the “Articles” section Tomasz Żyro discusses those ideas that the Polish Commonwealth “needed” to define its identity, while Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse explores the perspectives of Polish political thinkers regarding cooperation in East-Central Europe. The “Debates” section offers the transcript of a panel composed of Andrzej Nowak, Waldemar Paruch, Paweł Kowal and Krystyna Trembicka on the status of Eastern policy in current Polish political thought. In the “Primary sources” section the reader will find the text of an extraordinary document from 1980: The 21 Demands of the Interfactory Strike Committee in Gdańsk, supplemented with a contemporary commentary. In “Reviews” the readers will find Bogdan Szlachta’s critique of the book Counter-Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat by a Polish profesor at Oxford University, Jan Zielonka, exploring the key tensions emerging in the current political debate between the liberals and the “populists”. The “Varia” section contains two papers, the first of which is a polemic by Maciej Zakrzewski against a discourse on Polish culture and history, while the second, written by Jacek Kloczkowski, presents a publication series, released by the Centre of Political Thought [Ośrodek Myśli Politycznej] in Kraków.


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Table of Contents



Tomasz Żyro
Polish Climacterics: What Kind of Political Thinking Do Poles Need?

Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse
Polish Political Thought on Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe


Andrzej Nowak, Waldemar Paruch, Paweł Kowal (panelists),
Krystyna Trembicka (moderator)
Eastern Policy in Contemporary Polish Political Thought:
The Second Debate of the Myśl Polityczna. Political Thought journal


Krystyna Trembicka, Szymon Bachrynowski (commentary)
The 21 Demands of the Interfactory Strike Committee in Gdańsk


Bogdan Szlachta (rev.)
Jan Zielonka, Counter-Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat


Maciej Zakrzewski
The Trouble with Form: Remarks on Marek A. Cichocki’s Północ i Południe.
Teksty o polskiej kulturze i historii [“North and South: Essays on Polish Culture
and History”]

Jacek Kloczkowski
The Value of Tradition as a Point of Departure: On the Series Biblioteka Klasyki
Polskiej Myśli Politycznej [“A Library of Classics of Polish Political Thought”]