Myśl Polityczna. Political Thought 5(11)/2021 wydanie angielskie

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No. 5(11) includes:

The “Articles” section opens with two texts on the 1921 March Constitution: the first by Wojciech Sokoł, and the second by Maciej Wojtacki. Moreover, in this section the reader will find Magdalena Ziętek-Wielomska’s reflection on the project of global corporate citizenship, which to some extent predicts the abolition of nation states. The “Debates” section contains Bogdan Szlachta’s text on “subjects of authority” found in Polish thought at the turn of the 20th century, on the eve of independence in 1918 and the enactment of the first interwar constitution of the Republic of Poland. In the “Primary sources” section, we recall the surprisingly relevant observations of Wacław Makowski, the last Marshal of the lower house of the Polish parliament before 1939, regarding political manipulation. The introduction to this source text was written by Grzegorz Ławnikowicz. The “Reviews” section comprises texts about three books. The first one is Lech Mażewski’s reflection on a study describing the development of “Solidarity” in Poland in the 1980s, which was a unique movement in the history of the “socialist camp”. The second text by Tomasz Żyro presents Dariusz Karłowicz’s book concerning the tragicness of both Poland’s past and Poland’s present. The third, by Przemysław Czernicki, reviews an anthology of texts on central themes of geopolitics. In the “Varia” section, Błażej Popławski provides information on the acquisition by the Sejm Library of the works of Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski, a participant in debates held in sixteenth-century Europe who referred to the republican tradition.

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Wojciech Sokół
The Inspirations for and the Conditions and Concepts behind the March Constitution

Maciej Wojtacki
The Principle of National Sovereignty in Polish Political and Legal Thought
in the Period of Work on the March Constitution

Magdalena Ziętek-Wielomska
“Global Corporate Citizenship”: Posthuman Governance?


Bogdan Szlachta
“The Subject of Authority” in Polish Debate at the turn of the 20th Century

Primary sources

Grzegorz Ławnikowicz (commentary)
Wacław Makowski, Reklama polityczna a t. zw. wola społeczna
[“Political Advertising and the So-Called Social Will”]


Lech Mażewski (rev.)
Bruno Drwęski, Zagrabiona historia Solidarności. Został tylko mit
[“Solidarity’s Stolen History: The Myth Is All That Remains”]

Tomasz Żyro (rev.)
Dariusz Karłowicz, Teby – Smoleńsk – Warszawa. O złudzeniu nietragiczności polityki
[“Thebes–Smoleńsk–Warsaw: On the Illusion of the Non-Tragicness of Politics”]

Przemysław Czernicki (rev.)
Geopolitics [“Geopolityka”], ed. J. Kloczkowski


Błażej Popławski
Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski’s Opera omnia in the Collections of the Sejm Library